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Family, Friends and Acquaintances who have passed.


Arsenal?  Usually associated with weapons.
Tech High School (Indianapolis) has a
full name of Arsenal Technical High School

and it was first a munitions depot ... then,
under legal scrutiny, became a High School.

The only Arsenal I have is my Mom's old high school year book.
Not the kind of Arsenal that "terrorists" keep on hand!

The most erroneous conclusion people can come to is
that a Daughter will be like her Mother.
Intelligent people learn from the mistakes that others make.
That was the most valuable information
my Mother gave me when I was young.
I can't remember how many times she warned,
"Don't do what your Brother did."
My Mother, Iris (2001) and Brother, Jim (2010), God rest their souls, they are both dead!

Iris                     Jim

My Brother was quite the "Ladies Man"
I'm beginning to wonder if some of his "Ladies" were called "BJ"
I was his only sister on our Mother's side,
but God only knows how many he had on the Grime's side.
He was a Grimes ... I am not a Grimes.

Left: Bobbie Sue Elder, status unknown; Right: James D. Cesnik, deceased June 2010
Bobbie Sue Elder is not related to either my brother or me, Bobijean Cesnik,
but stayed with my family for a time when we lived in Speedway, Indiana.

~ ~ ~

Rest In Peace Carolyn Sue (McGovern) Culler
Distant Cousin

Died at Age 55 - January 15, 1998


Left: Back to Camera - Carolyn Sue McGovern
Many people look similar ... similar CNN Brenda Star.
I don't know Brenda Star ... not related to Brenda Star

~ ~ ~

From an old, obscure newspaper article I learned,
Joe Crickmore, age 22, died in Seattle, Washington on March 11, 1952.
It reports that he was married to Beverly Ann Crickmore.
He was an Uncle that I do not remember meeting.

~ ~ ~

Mary Francis Norton Watts
Her father was Roy Norton and her Mother was Della Mumaw

1923 - 2015

~ ~ ~

Mitchell Dean Butler - Acquaintance
January 28, 2014 - age 64
In sold Mitchell Butler a house in 1980.
Mitchell had a girlfriend when he first moved in that house ...
his girlfriend's name was Gloria!
Did someone think that I still lived in that house?
Did someone think I was related to Mitchell Butler?
Did someone think I was Gloria?
About the only thing his obituary said was,
"Services are pending with Indiana Funeral Care and Crematory."
His obituary was published in the Indianapolis Star on February 5, 2014.
February 5th ... close to the date on which Angelika Heise was born.

Mitchell had several children,
but lived by himself in the end.
Rest in Peace Mitchell.

~ ~ ~

Jane Lee Howard - Friend
February 8, 2014 - age 78

~ ~ ~

Photo from about 1980

Ann C Mollett - Aunt
February 18, 2013 - Age 99

~ ~ ~

Circa 1936 - 14 October 2012
R.I.P. Charles Cesnik, my cousin, a Gentleman and a Scholar!

Chuck is front left.
He had several children ... one of them is Robert J. Cesnik,
Robert J. Cesnik is not pictured here!

~ ~ ~

Nancy Crickmore Shaw - Distant Aunt
wife of Norman C. Shaw
June 17, 2011 - Age 79

Norman C. Shaw - Very Distant Uncle
January 5, 2011 - age 80

~ ~ ~

Jim McGovern, age 42 - February 2011
Distant relative to Iris from her family in Illinois.

~ ~ ~

John McAllen - 2010

~ ~ ~

Phillip-Miller - 1946 - 2010
No relation to me, he was the son of one of my Mom's friends.
He and his family lived in my childhood home on two separate occasions
in the 1950's ... but they did not own the home I was born into!

~ ~ ~

B. Sue Montgomery
1948 - 2010

~ ~ ~

Shirley J. Murray Pence
February 1922 - June 2004, 82

A very good friend of the family.

~ ~ ~
I didn't know this "Elder",
but he died on my ex-husband's birthday,
February 25, 2010.

J.C. Elder, otherwise known as "Suitcase Jake."
He looked similar to the door closer in Donohue's crash video.

Rest in Peace Jake.
Was it Osterlund who began looking at the old southern game
with "California Eyes?"

The Elder's in my Mom's history and thus mine
are M. Elder and D.A. Elder.
One I've never met and the other I've not seen for years.

Everyone should get their eyes checked periodically ....
Tunnel_vision is a terrible affliction!

~ ~ ~

John Watts - Very Distant Cousin
March 18, 2009 - age 63

About age 12  in this photo

~ ~ ~

Timothy "Joe" Crickmore  Very Distant Cousin
February 25, 2008 - Age 52
Son of Nancy Crickmore Shaw.

~ ~ ~

Melvin R. Lind February 2004
Perhaps he met Micky Joe just before dying!

~ ~ ~

On Find A Grave: If you look at the Headstone Photo
of Barbara Ford Myers Neher and Joseph Allen Neher,
you will see ... the name Hughes.
Tombstone to the left if you are buried, to the right if looking at the picture.
Was that the Hughes born in 1946?
There is always more than one way to look at things,
but some people have Tunnel Vision.

Rest in Peace Barbara ... or is that Lisa?
Eric S. Neher who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 2004,
is not the son of Barbara Myers Ford Neher.

This is a Hospital Certificate, it cannot be used as a Legal Document

Eric S. Neher was born to Joseph Allen and Bobijean Neher!?!
I guess there was not enough room to write Joseph Allen Neher and Bobijean Neher.
There are a number of people in the world named Joseph Allen ... I was not married to a person with the last name of Allen.

There was another Eric Neher in Indianapolis in 2004.
His mother's name was reportedly "Pam,"
perhaps Barbara was connected to "Pam's" Eric Neher, a/k/a PEN

~ ~ ~

Faye Hoppes Pope - 2004

Photo on Left: L-Bob Lambert <> R-Fay Hoppes Lambert circa 1960

And on the right, a Barn Red Box just for You.

Faye's "father" Don Hoppes lived and worked in California for a few years.
I wonder if he had a Faye Hoppes in California too?

Both my Grandmother and my Uncle attended grade school with John Dillinger!
My Grandmother and Uncle are both dead too!


Helen and Roy circa 1910.

~ ~ ~

Virgie Mae Klepfer

As a child I was taught to address adults in a formal manner.
I only knew Virgie Mae Klepfer as Mrs. Klepfer.
She was a gracious and talented lady.
She's the only person I ever knew by the name of Virgie,
and I didn't even know that until after she died.
I wasn't related to Mrs. Klepfer, but she was a good teacher!

I am not related to Virgie Mae ... but I did visit Mrs. Klepfer's home!
Added 3-5-2011

~ ~ ~

About age 18 in this photo

Mike VanCleave
1948 - 1969 - Not Related
Son of friend of Iris Cesnik
Died before his 21st birthday.
His family, Robert, Kathy, Barbara and Phillip Miller,
 lived in my childhood home for about a year in the early 1950's.
About 1956 the VanCleave family, absent then father came to live with us again.
When they lived with us, there were 9 people in my family.
After they moved out there were only 4 people in my family.
My Great Grandmother died, she was the 9th one.

~ ~ ~

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