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This is my jumping jack page ... some days my mind jumps all over place
and my thoughts just don't know where to rest.
Well, this is my page ... crazy as it might seem to some ... at least I don't have to carry this stuff in my head.


Nothing to jump about today.


Permanent Memorial to Motherhood

I'm in the middle, the other two in this picture are healthy in size, but not pregnant.

One of my favorite pets was Snoop Dog.
In the pictures below is the only Snoop Dog I ever knew.
She was born in 1968 and died circa 1979.
Correction Snoop Dog's birth was 1969 or 1970.
Tiny was 1968 or 1969.
Snoop, the canine, gave birth around 1971 ... 5 little black puppies.
Arf ... Arf ...

Strictly Personal


I AM NOT acquainted with the NUN who calls herself Cathy Ann Cesnik!
As a child in the 1950's we had a nutritional supplement named AYDS in our household.
AIDS, the disease, was not common in the 1950's.
I don't have AIDS.
Carl A Futter was the first owner of the trademark for the diet candy AYDS,
and the corporation which produced it was
Carlay Company at 812 N Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois.
He filed for this Trademark on February 16, 1946. 
The registration date is listed as September 17, 1946.

Also in 1946:
Birth of Howard Robard Hughes in Houston, son of Ezekiel
Howard Robard Hughes, Jr (born 1905) wrecks an experimental aircraft.

For other events of 1946 click HERE


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