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written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

The business from Belfast.....

The first to refrigerate!  The Ice Man cometh thanks to Kingan!

The most relevant part of Kingan's History and my History,
W.R. Sinclair, Chief Executive Office lived in Massachusetts.
In 1948, the year I was born, he became Commodore of the Hyannis Port Yacht Club.
He was also a neighbor John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy.
Most of my Dad's working years were spent at Kingan and Company.
My Mom worked there too!
I think they were both working at Kingan and Company in 1948


The "55" of Kingan and Company in Indianapolis, Indiana was not a year or an age, it was the address of the plant office, 55 S. Blackford Street. Blackford Street in Indianapolis only runs North as the city is seen today, but in the 1950's and years before that there was a 55 South Blackford.

Picnics were something of an event at Kingan and Company, not Picnic Hams, but Picnic Outings!

I'm not sure when the 3rd Annual Picnic took place, nor who these people might be. My Uncle, Joseph P. Cesnik kept this photo for posterity and it was bequeathed to me upon the death of my Aunt, Mary Cesnik, second wife of Joe Cesnik. Many of my family members worked at Kingan and Company including, but not limited to my Dad, Rudy Cesnik and my Uncle, Joe Cesnik.


There were lots of people who worked at Kingan and Company in Indianapolis, including the Father of a basketball great according to one Internet article. The Big O himself, that is Oscar Robertson,
says his Dad worked at Kingan Company.

My Grandmother worked at Kingan and Company too (back row, 2nd from left).
She's the only one in the picture below that I know.

Back Row, Second on the right is a woman who looks similar to my Mom, but it's not my Mom.

My Mom, Iris Grimes Cesnik did, however, work at Kingan and Company. In the photo below Iris is on the left and her sister-in-law Mary is on the right.

Iris Grimes and Sister-in-Law, Mary Grimes circa 1944 - from photo collection of James D Cesnik

Kingan and Company was known for many fine products including Corned Beef Hash and Spiced Luncheon Meat. KIngan's K-P may have been around even before SPAM.  They wore the same colors, but they were not the same meats!

From Kingan's Reliable Meat Recipe Book in Collaboration with Ann King, Home Economics Director - c. 1945












Kingan and Company processed a variety of meat products, but to my knowledge,
Kingan never slaughtered Chickens or Lambs!
13 Feb 2010 - A meat inspector in Indiana sent me an E-Mail,
to let me know that Kingan did slaughter sheep at one time.
After getting the E-Mail, I asked my Dad about the sheep and the chickens,
he confirmed the sheep, and also said Kingan never did chickens!

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Kingan and Company was all over the United States, mostly in the East and Midwest. In searching for information about the company, I found a paradox. Samuel Kingan may just rise from the grave on this one. One of Kingan's competitors was Cudahy Meat Packing ..... Cudahy was a town in Wisconsin and Patrick Cudahy Inc. was located on Kingan Street.

Common Bonds: Wisconsin had a Kingan, as in Kingan Street and an HH as in Hugh Hefner. John F. Kennedy rode in a GG on November 22, 1963 and the slogan for Cudhay Meats, at least today, is GG, that is Give Goodness! Rosemary Kennedy also lived several years in a group home in Wisconsin. Ironic isn't it that JFK was neighbor to W. R. Sinclair at one time ..... Sinclair was head of Kingan and Company for many years. It might be said that JFK was well known to the "meat" industry!

Jack Wharton was a Foreman at Kingan and Company in Indianapolis and he was married to Ruby Wharton. Ironic that a man name Jack Ruby killed the man that killed President JFK.

Excerpt from the R.L. Polk City Directory, Indianapolis 1954

Kingan and Kingan, one a street and one a company!

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