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written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

The business from Belfast.....

T.R.L. Sinclair, not to be confused with the dinosaur of Sinclair Oil, once lived in a wonderful estate in Indianapolis. This was the Sinclair Home. A successful business starts with a successful home!

Mr. Sinclair sailed between England and the United States on numerous occasions.  One of those trips was 20 October 1950, arriving the United States on 26 October 1950.  He and Jean A.D. Sinclair, female, age 31, traveled on the Mauretania.  His wife, in the articles I've read, is listed only as, Mrs. T.R.L. Sinclair.  Is Jean A.D. Sinclair by any chance Mrs. T.R.L. Sinclair?









This home has a playhouse, tipi, track, tennis courts, swimming pool and lots of ground!










The quality of Kingan and Company was reflected in the quality of the homes in which their executives lived.













Just across the street, at least in 2006, was a home at 4401 Clover with a great big star and two large barking dogs!

Another of Kingan and Company's early executives, William J. "B.J." Reid, built a home that is now a spa and restaurant. Per the history of The Villa, this home was designed by Herbert W. Foltz and was fashioned after a Florentine villa in Italy. Reid lived in the home until 1909 when Fred C. Dickson purchased the home. This home was said to have been used by the government during the War years and, when I toured the home in 2006, the vault in one of the rooms displayed the words "Departmen Treasury." It seems that someone forgot the "T" on "Department," thus the safe says, "Depart men Treasury!"

Photo by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher 2006

There will be more Kingan and Company photos later, but enjoy the scene for now!

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