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written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

The business from Belfast.....


19 September 2008 - This week I picked-up a couple of Kingan Memorabilia items. An International Harvester Ad from around the 1930's and a replica of the Kingan Railroad Car made by Athearn. Just little things that represent what Kingan and Company used to be.

This ad speaks of Kingan and Company having 116 International Trucks!

The Railroad Car is just a scale model ..... I couldn't fit a real size train car in my carport. In Indianapolis in the 1940's and 1950's there used to be a multitude of Kingan Railroad Cars on the tracks!

Though Kingan and Company was known for pork and hams, they also did beef .... when Kingan and Company dressed beef, no one had to ask, "Where's the beef?"

In the early 1990's I came across a large framed print of the Old Sailor .... I had to pass on it though .... it was just out of my price range! I would loved to have had that print however. I think they had the Old Sailor hanging in the Canteen at the Indianapolis Plant,  because I remember seeing it when I visited the plant in the 1950's ..... and I visited the plant many times! I could go to the Canteen or Guard Shack! When I got older and wasn't so small I could go down to where the trucks were docked and watch them park the trucks and see them load the trucks. I think one of my Dad's Cousins was a truck driver.

After I moved to Ozark, Arkansas, in 2006, I came across a Telephone that looked just like the one in the Guard Shack where I waited from my Dad to come see me! The Guard used to call it the Jinglebox! He would make me sit on the tall table in the guard shack until Dad called. After Dad called I could stand outside the door and wait for him.

I wonder if anyone has a complete Newsletter from Kingan & Company, not just cut-out pictures.
I did learn one thing from reading the back of the cut-outs ..... Kingan and Company had a baseball team!
Not the Indianapolis, Indians, but a baseball team just the same.
According to Wikipedia, the Indianapolis Indians are
the second oldest minor league team in professional sports!

Here's the pieces of several Kingan & Company Newsletters!

Left: Unknown Baseball Player - Is this a Kennedy? - Right: James D. Cesnik

Left: My Uncle, Joe Cesnik with Flossie Howard.- Right: Both Unknown

This picture speaks for itself!

A "friend" of mine dated a man named Lowell. for a few months.
I think his full name was Lowell Young, but not this Lowell Young.
The one Jane Howard dated was about 5 feet 6 inches tall,  thin with dark hair.
He passed away after colliding with a tree, I think on Mann Road .... 
I almost ran into a tree on Mann Road,
but I have better reaction time than Lowell!

I met Jane Howard at ForwardAir ... an air freight forwarder that went out of business in the 1980's.
Not connected to the current day trucking company of the same name!
This Lowell Young was about 6 feet tall!

A prominent architect in Indianapolis was Hugh J. Baker & Co. ... Hugh Baker even designed the Kingan Plant!
Sinclair was in charge of Kingan most of the years my family worked there; after Sinclair came Hugo Slotkin.
Hygrade, created by Slotkin's father, purchased Kingan and Company.  In 1970 Hygrade (including Kingan and Company) was sold
Circa 1989 Hygrade (including Kingan & Company) was acquired by Sara Lee.  Sara Lee, in 1989,
also sold under the names Kahn's, Jimmy Dean and Hillshire Farms.
Mr. Slotkin was married to Shirley Eder, an entertainment columnist. 
Mr. Slotkin died 21 August 2003 from cancer; he was living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at the time of his death. 
Interesting note about Hygrade history.
Per Time Magazine, 15 October, 1928 I think,
Frank R Warton, President of Allied Packers, Inc. became Chairman of the Board of Hygrade.
Reason: Hygrade purchased Allied Packers.

On my street in the 1950's was the Everett Johnson family.
EJ was a truck driver for Kingan & Company.
EJ was the father of Tom Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Johnson.
My Dad, Rudy Cesnik, worked in several areas at Kingan & Company.
I think his last job was in the sausage kitchen.

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