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nemo servus




written by: Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

First from Austria .... It's not Germany, but they tried to make it that!

When I was a child my Dad's Austrian heritage was never mentioned.  In the past few years, as I've researched my heritage on my Dad's side, I learned that both of his parents were born in Austria.  There won't be a lot of commentary on this page because pictures speak louder than words.  I must say however, the heritage we are born with is not something that can be changed.  Perhaps there are people who want to have the same heritage as I, but what you wanna be and what you are, may not be the same.  For anyone searching for their past, I offer this thought: 'What you are is valuable, don't sell it for something that you can never be."

Upon my Aunt's death I was bequeathed some photos and collectibles ..... some of the items were very old.  My Grandfather's Memorial Book from the late 1950's is one of places where the Austrian Heritage is documented.

None of us live forever, but with good family, we are never forgotten.  I didn't know my Grandpa well, but I remember our special gifts at Christmas and all those dimes .... that you couldn't see from the outside! 

My Grandpa was born in October 1879 (according to his Draft Card.)  At 62 years of age he was required to register for the draft in the United States.  He lived on Alton and his place of birth on his Draft Registration was Austria!  All men born after April 28, 1877 and before February 16, 1897, had to register for the draft.  At least he did not have to go to war, but two of his sons, Rudy and Louis, did fight in the war. 

I have many relatives I've never met .... Men of the Old Country 1909

Gee do me and my Dad look similar to these guys?

Left to Right: Bobijean Cesnik-Neher (1988), Rudy Cesnik and Bobijean Cesnik-Neher (circa 1982), Rudy Cesnik (circa 1982), Bobijean Cesnik-Neher (2010)

Left: Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher // Right: Rudy L. Cesnik

~ ~ ~

Holy Trinity in Haughville, Indianapolis, Indiana
The Craftsmanship of Slovenians!
Built completely by Slovenians!
The History of Holy Trinity and Slovenians
can be found in a book entitled:
"Slaves to No One"
James J. Divitŕ
Professor of History
Marian University, Indianapolis, Indiana

This is the Slovenian Parish in Indianapolis
Holy Trinity at Holmes and St. Clair.

The Parish was begun in 1906
"1907 Auxiliary Bishop Denis O'Donaghue dedicates the Present
Trinity Church"

The Slovenian Catholic Church

All photos by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher
Date is correct ... camera time is off.

"Slaves to No One" might be otherwise stated as,
'slave of none.'
In Slovenian that might be sai
d as 'suženj none.'
In Latin that might be said as 'nemo servus'

I found the phrase 'nemo servus' one time in the Latin Vulgage of the 1611 KJV.

Results: 1 - For 'nemo servus'


Lu 16:13

NEMO SERVUS potest duobus dominis servire aut enim unum odiet et alterum diliget aut uni adherebit et alterum contemnet non potestis Deo servire et mamonae

Lu 16:13

No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Most all of us have two arms ... if one is all tied up,
then the other can still do something.

Nemo ... Captain Nemo?

According to one online translator
'covered arm' in Slovenian could be said as 'zajeti roko'

Does the arm control the brain, or the brain control the arm?
As might be said in Slovenia
sledi svojemu srcu"

~ ~ ~

Yugoslavia was a melting pot of people.  Yugoslavians with Black hair probably have a Greek or Turkish background.  Those of use who are brunettes come from a little further North and West.  My Grandpa was from the brunette line and so was I.  A variety of people may have lived in Yugoslavia, but not all Yugoslavians are of the same race.

The background of this page is the signature side of a very old postcard (Dopisnica).  I didn't learn the language of my Grandmother and Grandfather .... the old language looks interesting, if only I could understand what they wrote.

Dopisnica from 1907

My Grandmother, Agnes from Peče.  After working for 6 years with a family in Rustinkovič, she moved to Ljubljana.  The picture below (1927) includes my Grandmother and three other Austrian-Slovenian brides.  They may all be sisters ...
I recognize some of the names on the back, and I know my Grandma .... Life in the United States ... before the Great Depression.

My Grandmother lived to be 101 years old.  At age 60 to 70 she was still hand-plowing a "garden" of about one acre!

In the music world ZZ Top means one thing ... when it comes to Slovenian women ZZ is something entirely different!

I chuckle when I hear the line from "Die Hard", "Gather your flock Holly Gennaro."  I have more livestock in my flock than I've even met.  My Grandmother had 12 siblings ... most of them stayed in the old country.  One of them died as an infant!  My name is not Holly, Holly was my friend, and my Grandmother tended to the animals, not me!

There is only one of me, but it seems that people of the same heritage look similar ... don't they!

Some Trivia about the Old Country:

Per Brainy Encyclopedia
1st Phone line was installed in the White House 23 March 1929
214 days or 7 months later
The Stock Market Crashed on 29 October 1929

I think the Rose Bowl and Roy Reigels set the stage for 1929,
he ran 65 yards in the wrong direction with a fumble recovery.
Georgia Tech (9-0) defeats California (7-1-1) by a margin of 8-7
Head Coach of Georgia Tech was Bill Alexander.

5 days after the Rose Bowl, Alexander the 1st established a royal dictatorship in Yugoslavia.
About 5 years later, his was one one of the first assassinations captured on film.

Alexander the 1st of Yugoslavia was born December 1888
Joe Kennedy, Sr. was born 6 September 1888
Lawrence of Arabia - T.E. Lawrence was born 16 August 1888 - 
Author, among other things - "7 Pillars of Wisdom," Privately Printed 1926
Owen Brewster was born 22 February 1888

I wasn't at EVERY Christmas Party my Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary gave,
but I was at most of them.
My Grandpa is the middle person in the picture below.
I don't know who the man is seated to the right of my Grandpa (as you look at this photo),
but he seems like a jolly fellow.
He might have been Santa Claus for all I know.

12, Oh 5:  Teo Te Ching - "The five colors blind the eye ... The five tones deafen the ear ... The five flavors dull the palate ... Racing, hunting, and galloping about only disturb the mind ...

So the Sage is led by his inner truth and not his outer eye ... He holds to what is deep and not what lies on the surface ...."

Some Genes are Stronger than Others!

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