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written by: Bobijean Cesnik-Neher


Some people only see parts of things.  What part you look at sometimes shapes what you think.  What part you look at also tells something about the person who is doing the looking.

Some people could see "BELIEVE" as

"Beli" "Eve"
"Be" "Lie" "Ve"
"Belie" "Ve "

The combination of letters that form the word "believe" can mean different things in different languages.  In the English Language, "believe" can mean "to have faith" or "trust."

Sometimes it is difficult to take the next right step.  In 2006 I had to leave behind more that anyone really knows and no one can really know how much things hurt. 

Spirit ... Soul .... Dreams

I hope my loss of 2006 can be redeemed in the city in which I live now.

There is too much of the "Ruth Syndrome" in the world.  The "Ruth Syndrome" requires that a person, usually female, go back to that which abused and hurt them, so they can be abused and hurt more.  I won't volunteer to be a victim!

I had a house the last 12-13 years I was in Indianapolis.  As I could I worked on it to make it better.  Prior to my purchasing the house, it had been used, but not maintained.  I worked slow, but I was making progress. 

Redemption and pacification are not one in the same. 

If I don't believe I can never achieve.
To accomplish I must try.
Sometimes the next right thing can be a very difficult step.

Don't let "beli" become "belli" ... I think the Holy Men will understand!
To be held hostage might be considered the root of war!
People are more than pawns on a chess board.

Do the pawns of chess have any connection to the pawn shops?

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