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written by Ms Bobijean Cesnik-Neher

My Professional Life .....

Bobijean (Cesnik) Neher, a female, born December 28, 1948, Indianapolis, Indiana. She currently resides in Nevada and is semi-retired.  Neher earned her Associates Degree from Indiana University (Indianapolis) December 1992. Neher had two professorial careers, one in Television Broadcasting and one in Aviation.

1976 - 1978: AmbassAdair, Indianapolis, Indiana; Assistant to Director of Membership Services and Travel Department Coordinator.
1978 - 1980: WISH-TV, Channel 8, Indianapolis, Indiana; Executive Secretary to Station General Manager and Assistant to Director of Community Affairs.
1980: WTHI-TV, Channel 10, Terre Haute, Indiana; Inaugural Producer, PM Magazine
1981 - 1990: American Trans Air, Charter Airline, Indianapolis, Indiana; Manager, various positions including Manager Fleet Planning.
1992: Associates Degree - Indiana University -  Major Communications
1992 - Current: A Variety of Jobs.

Neher's professional achievements include:

Television Broadcasting

(L) Eric S. Neher - (R) Bobijean Cesnik-Neher - Late 1980's

Bobijean Cesnik-Neher - Late 1980's

1) Producer of Indy Today, live Public Affairs Program, WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN, 1979-1980.
2) Producer/Host of Community, taped Public Affairs Program,
WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN, 1979-1980.
3) Freelance producer-writer-field talent,
"800 Miles To Indy", auto racing documentary about the 1979 CART-USAC split. One of the first females to interview auto racing personalities in the field. Neher also employed the relatively new technique to sports broadcasting of music under. Music under was used to improve the pacing of the program.
4) Producer, PM Magazine, taped, magazine-format feature program, WTHI-TV, Terre Haute, IN, 1980.



 1) Manager with American Trans Air, Indianapolis, Indiana; Neher Bobijean Cesnik-Neher - 1976helped develop a computerBobijean Cesnik-Neher - 1977 - Bermuda program that augmented the scheduling of commercial jets flying on an irregular schedule.
2) Neher represented American Trans Air on the Air Transport Association's Airline Scheduling Committee from 1984 to 1990. She secured aircraft operating slots worth several million dollars to provide American Trans Air access to high density airports such as Chicago-O'Hare, New York-Kennedy and Washington D.C.
3) Neher produced the first magazine format newsletter for AmbassadAir in May 1977.



Inclusion in various Marquis publications
  1) Who's Who of American Women, 12th Edition, 1981-1982
  2) Who's Who in the Midwest, 18th Edition, 1982-1983
  3) Who's Who in the World, 7th Edition, 1984-1985

From 1948 - 1961 Neher lived in Speedway, Indiana, just a few blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Her family at birth included:

Father: Rudy L. Cesnik (1916 - Still living)
Mother: Iris Crickmore Norton Grime Cesnik (1923 - 2001)
Half-Brother: James D. Grimes Cesnik (1945 - 2010)

Marriage: 1967 to Joseph Allen Neher; divorced 1976; never remarried
Children: One (1) son - Eric S. Neher, born 1975

Neher began attending qualifications at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway circa age three (3), which was the start of her interest in the sport of auto racing. This interest eventually led her to write poetry about auto racing and to produce the freelance documentary 800 Miles To Indy about the 1979 CART-USAC.

Neilsen Ratings 1979 - Cover

Press Credentials - California & Georgia - 1979

This television program is a thirty minute documentary about the four (4) races preceding the 1979 Indianapolis 500 Mile Race and a preview of possible winners of that race.

  • 800 Miles To Indy was a freelance production written and produced by Neher. 

  • She also conducted field interviews with auto racing personalities and helped edit the raw footage to generate this thirty minute special.

  • This program aired May 1979 on WISH-TV, Channel 8, Indianapolis, IN and WTHI-TV, Channel 10, Terre Haute, IN.

  • 800 Miles To Indy, broadcast on Friday, May 11, 1979, Indianapolis, earned an 8 Rating and 32 Share in Nielsen.

  • 800 Miles To Indy is Neher's hap ax of television sports production, this is the only sports related program she ever produced for any media.

(L) Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher - (R) A.J. Foyt - Screen Freez from 800 Miles to Indy 1979

Poetry and Manuscripts

Neher began writing poetry about age 12.  Her first poem was a class assignment in Junior High School.

In 1975 she began writing poetry about the sport of auto racing and has compiled her work in an unpublished book entitled Pit Passages; she has written circa 100 poems about the sport. Neher also writes poetry on a variety of other subjects.  Neher has no plans to publish her auto racing poetry.

Neher is working on two manuscripts entitled The Secrets of God from the Book of Job and the Twenty-Two Factor. Neher analyzes the Holy Bible on a logical, linguistic level in these two manuscripts and looks at the existing words of the Bible in a different way than does main-stream religion. Neher does not anticipate publishing either of these books.

Neher, a native and life-long resident of Indiana, moved to Arkansas in June 2006 for warmer weather and lower cost of living, and, as of 2010 is living in Nevada.

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