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Alf to the Rescue

written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher




 Dec 8



Here's Alffffff.......

From the affable TV Alf, "

" "Operator, this is an emergency...what's the number for 911?" "

In my lifetime I've only known two people who shared common surnames with any members of the Beatles.
Vickie McCartney was a grade school classmate in Speedway, Indiana, and Laura Harrison was a co-worker at American Trans Air. Despite the fact that I worked at Woolworths and my brother used to play a guitar,
I've never met John Lennon.

Brian Epstein, who passed away in 1967,
had the dubious honor of having a disease named after him, i.e. Epstein Barr.
Can you imagine what people think when a doctor says you have Epstein Barr.
Poor Brian, he may have been blamed for things he never came close to!

I don't have all my grade school pictures marked, but if I remember correctly, this is the girl who I knew by the name of Vickie McCartney. I found a William E. McCartney at 2036 Auburn, Speedway, Indiana in the
1961 R.L. Polk Directory for Indianapolis, Indiana .... I think that is where Vickie lived.

Vickie McCartney was born circa 1949 ... she and I, Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher,
are about the same age.  A sister perhaps?
Did John Lennon have a brother he didn't know about?


1961 R. L. Polk Directory - Indianapolis for Auburn N Speedway!

There were lots of people on Auburn with interesting names.

1) Kord ... Ellen Neher, my ex husband's second wife had the name of Kord or Cord. 
I don't know if they are related.
2) Eleanor Chapman .... Mark Chapman ?
3) Clarance H. Baker ... Baker & Botts?
4) David C. Graves ... I don't think these are the same ones who lived on Allison.
5) Ira Bennett ... I didn't have him marked ... Maybe related to Richard Bennett.
6) There were 2 McCarthy Families on Auburn ... Gerald L. McCarthy was at 1912 ....
1912 that's the year Sharp died I think ... he was the Old Mr. Hughes partner for a while.
7) There was Wilbur Killian ... Killian was the announcer in the movie
the Running Man ... "Are you my people or an oil painting?
8) Robert S. Yeager lived on Auburn too ... I don't know if he's related to the one who
flew the X-1 or not, but that's his name.
9) There was John Sherman ... he lived at 2110 ... we had a John Sherman on Winton too.
Maybe they moved from Winton to Auburn.
10) Last but not least, Ada Boston ... Boston was her last name, not the city she lived in!

I Have To Do What? .....


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