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Alf to the Rescue - 2

written by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher


Here's Alffffff.......

"A minute and a half luckmiester... then I'll be down on you like a buzzard on a gut wagon." Originally from www.geocities.com/alf_tribute/Quotes.html - Page no longer available.

Who is the Luckmeister?

You'll find my answers at the bottom of this page.

This page is not about an Alien Life Form, but now that I have your attention, please take a look at my ALF page!

Where were you on December 8, 1980 ?

When the Beatles arrived I was a teenager between Junior High and High School. I was a Beatle Fan, not a fanatic. I think I have one or two of their albums and maybe one or two 45's. I've never been one to really follow their career. When they performed in Indianapolis, September 3, 1964, I didn't even go see them! I didn't even go to the Airport to meet them. A friend of mine, Sandie Kirby, was obsessed with the "Double Fantasy" album, but I couldn't relate to it. I am an avid reader however, and the death of John Lennon seems to have more holes in it that a 300 pound chunk of Swiss Cheese!


When the death of John Lennon came over the wire on December 8, 1980, I and my 5-year-old son were in the booth of a Radio Station in West Terre Haute, Indiana. I was talking to the DJ, Steve Edwards....a male I met and dated for a short time. We met when he auditioned for the a co-host position on "PM Magazine." "PM Magazine was aired by WTHI-TV, Channel 10, in the Terre Haute market.  I had two photos of Mr. Edwards.  This one and one of us together. Over the years a number of my photos have "vanished," including the photo of me and Steve Edwards together on a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. 


Alf - Funny looking guy on a TV Show. - Born October 28, 1756 on Melmac

Alf - Nickname of John Lennon's father. a/k/a Fred Lennon. Born December 14, 1912.
There is very likely more than one Fred or Alfred Lennon in the world.

Alf - Nickame of the Beatles' Chauffer from 1964-1966. 
Born October 28, 1928 ... also known as


From the Beatles "In My Life"

August 27, 1967 Brian Epstein  was found dead alone in his flat at age 32.

April 1, 1979 Alfred (Freddie "Alf" Lennon dies at age 63.

December 8, 1980 John Lennon killed at age 40 - Link 1 and Link 2

Not a Beatle, but a music legend Dennis Wilson ... died December 28, 1983, 3 years and 20 days after Lennon AND on MY 35th Birthday.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Wilson ... maybe he met my evil twin.

November 29, 2001 George Harrison dies at age 58. Ironically, Harrison is said to have been born on the same month and day as my ex-husband, just three years earlier!

March 11, 2004 Alf Bicknell dies at age 75.
He worked as a chauffer until the chainsaw accident in 1980!
Alf reminds me a little bit of Bill Hankins ... Bill worked in Maintenance Planning at American Trans Air and I worked in Fleet Planning.
He was married to a British woman named Shirley.
I loved her accent and Hank was excellent at Darts!

June 9, 2004 Alistair Taylor, former GM of Apple and Great Friend to the Fest, dies at age 69

Down but not Out....

June 4, 1964 - Ringo Starr collapsed on a stage in Denmark...Replaced by Jimmy Nicol for a week and a half!

Ringo was divorced from his first wife in July 1975. About 7 months after my son was born, the same month in which
Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and the month before Mark Donohue was killed.

Oh Ringo....you remember that song "Paperback Writer"?
Enunciate when you sing that song...it was written by a man named Lear, not Neher!

Ringo...here's a "Tideman" that's been to Denmark too!

No assertions or conclusions, just facts!
Most of the info in these four death entries from Wikipedia.com

1) 27 January 2010: Dead J.D. Salinger, author of "Catcher in the Rye."
I've never met J.D. Salinger and I've never read "Catcher in the Rye."

2) 28 January 2009: per one website, Dead Billie Powell, 56, Musician with the
band Lynyrd Skynard.
 He joined the band in 1972 and was badly injured in
a plane that crashed in 1977 near McComb, Mississippi. The crash killed 6 people
including lead singer Ronnie Van Zant.

3) 27 January 2010: Dead Christian Brando, 49, Actor and convicted murderer.

4) 28 January 2007: Jim Gray went missing at sea 28 January 2007.
Emma Tillman, 114, an American recognized at her death to be
the oldest person in the world.

What is life about ... what is death about?
Is death, sometimes, just another way of living?
Though I like "cats", and at one time wanted to run away
and join the circus to train them,
I only have one life!

People in general, and Famous people like John Lennon, are sometimes placed on a pedestal,
caught on a tiny little square,
where stepping in any direction results in a deadly fall.
Sometimes people become so famous that it is difficult to have a life!
They exist in a space where "fame" exceeds their true self.


The Beatles are mentioned on a site called "The Stitch in Tyme," a Canadian Band that includes Donnie Morris. 
"The band added vocals to a music track of THE BEATLES song "Got To Get You Into My Life"
their manager Bill Gilliland had received from England.
The song became a national hit and made the band very popular."  

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