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All Poetry, Essays and Graphic Renderings are the Original Work of Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher unless otherwise noted. The information I write of on BJ's Cyberworld is my original work from my experience, unless otherwise noted. I am not a secretary for anyone in regard to the material on this Site. Those who claim I am are liars and frauds.

  Page by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher - Arkansas (formerly of Indianapolis, Indiana)

  Copyright 1948 to Current Date by Ms. Bobijean Cesnik-Neher, any false representation or unauthorized use may result in prosecution and fine.

An author, as defined by my dictionary of reference, is a person who makes or originates something, creator,
originator OR a writer of a book, article, etc.

In the creative arts, sometimes jealousy is a big player.
Frauds will eagerly claim another's work if it is good, but will turn their nose up at what is bad.

A genuine artist takes credit for both the good and the bad.
A fraud is usually very hesitant to meet the creator face to face,
the creator, however, has no qualms meeting a claimer face-to-face.
I don't have time to claim what someone else does, no matter how good it is,
because I have about 25 notebooks of poetry that testify to what I write!
Those 25 notebooks do not include my on-line work, nor do they include my papers from school.
Further, I have about 100 rough draft poems that I need to review and get in my computer.

I have started to enter them in a file on my laptop,
which is not internet connected; as of 12 October 2009 I have 110 pages and 19,000+ words entered.
I have about 300,000 - 500,000 words yet to enter, maybe more than that!
I've only presented about 10-15% of my poetry in a public forum.
You see there is a lot of my poetry that a "claimer" can't possibly even see!
I had one poem included in an anthology several years ago of Indiana and South Carolina poets;
I wonder if there is a "claiming" me in South Carolina, using my real name as his or her pen name?
I don't claim everything that has my name on it; I only claim that which I write!
As for South Carolina ..... it was my ex-husband and his family that used to vacation there, not me!
The work I do is for myself, not the benefit of someone who doesn't take the time to create. 
In other words, I'm not a ghostwriter or slave!

 I am NOT a ghost writer for anyone, meaning, I don't have a boss! If you have a complaint just E-Mail me at OR at  List the world "Complaint" in the subject line.

~ ~ ~

What I share on my website is just a small part of my life ... there is so much more to my life than just these few words and pictures!
I'm not trying to invent myself, nor am I trying to re-invent my myself; my efforts have been about understanding and about living.

I wonder what the efforts of those who might have been reading my words are about? Over the years, I've had the feeling that someone has been pretending to me be me. 
Perhaps it is just my imagination, but then perhaps not.  When uneducated comments from people who pretend to be what they are not,
endangers my life and the life of others, then I speak up.

Why do I have a website? .... Because I'm tired of lies about my life! 
Lies that sometimes put me and others in danger! 
I only have one half brother and his name is not Mike, Larry, Tom, Dale, David, Skip, Joe, Jeff, Levi, Ralph or Hal!
As for neighbors from my childhood .... the delph family did not have a son  when I knew them!

As for Joe Crickmore, I don't know him!  He died before I was ever conceived and born.
As for the Creekmore's of Arkansas ... I don't know them either!

Twice in 15 years the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Indiana made a mistake on my Driver's License.
Twice they generated a second license with correct information and retained the Licenses with incorrect information!
The first mistake at the Speedway Branch in 1990 ... wrong address on first license generated, but current photo, and still valid for a few months.
The second mistake at the Beech Grove Branch in 1999 or 2003, I think ... eyes closed on first copy generated, license valid for 5 years, correction 4 years.

I will always wonder if those first copies with "mistakes" were used by a fraud to ruin my life and scam other people!
The damage done to my life in the last 20 years cannot be repaired.
Damage created by liars and thieves.
 How much has it cost me? .... Likely more than I could ever imagine!

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